Message For Tết Nhâm Dần From The Prime Minister Scott Morrison

Message For Tết Nhâm Dần From The Prime Minister Scott Morrison


Happy Lunar New Year! May the warmth and welcome of this festival bring joy to all.

Australia is fortunate to share in a calendar of festivals from around the world. From new year to mid-autumn and winter to spring, we celebrate together with enthusiasm.

Lunar New Year is no exception. Across different cultures and traditions, generations of Australians have looked forward to this special time. Its distinctive sights and sounds invite us to honour the past and welcome a new season of peace and prosperity.

Australia is the most successful multicultural nation on Earth. As we have welcomed communities from around the world, our country has grown in openness and maturity.

Australians of Vietnamese heritage have made an enormous contribution to the growth and progress of our nation. The Tết celebrations taking place across the country are a symbol of your generous sharing of history and culture with us all.

Australians are hard to beat when it comes to unity in the face of a challenge. Our strength as a nation lies in our tolerance, respect for human dignity and dedication to the freedoms of our democracy.

Our Australian way has sustained us throughout this pandemic — one of the toughest times our country has endured in recent history.

This Lunar New Year, let’s celebrate our support for each other — working to keep all Australians safe, strong and together.

In the spirit of the zodiac, may we enter this new year with the courage, enthusiasm and self-confidence of a tiger.


The Hon Scott Morrison MP

Prime Minister of Australia