On the 46th anniversary of 30 April, has any of us asked our children what they know about this date?

Have we ever thought how much longer before our children will wonder why their grand-parents and parents are living in Australia? We’re lucky if their answer is “because their grand-parents and parents were economic refugees who migrated here to find a better life”. Worse, “because their grand-parents and parents were traitors who were just chasing materialistic stuff from foreign invaders”.

The Vietnamese Community in SA is fortunate enough to have a group of young people who are seeking the true answers directly from us – those who witnessed that tragic day for an entire nation called Viet Nam – with the intention to pass that on to the next generations.

Please wholeheartedly support this valuable and responsible work from our young generation by sharing your personal experience and thoughts of what 30th of April means to you and your family.

Management Committee
Vietnamese Community in Australia / SA Chapter