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Black April Commemoration
30 Apr 2021

Reflect and Respect

 “…Theirs were the hands that saved us, their courage showed the way
Their lives they laid down for us, that we may live today…”

Ken Bunker


We commemorate over 4 decades since the fall of Saigon on 30th April 1975, marking the end of the Vietnam War and the beginning of a mass exodus in search of freedom.

Pain and hope are the two dominant emotions of this annual commemoration.

  • The Vietnamese diaspora mourn those who perished on the battlefields defending their values and beliefs; those who crossed borders in the harshest terrain; those who lost at sea in the most horrific circumstances; and those whose lives have been wasted away in “re-education” camps. Our people placed all their hopes and dreams into the hands of destiny, into a future unknown. The pain also comes from those we left behind – children, parents, wives, husbands – torn apart by war.
  • Our community shows hope by recognising and paying tribute to our history, while focusing on lessons learned for a brighter time to come, for the Vietnamese people worldwide. We are fortunate enough to still have some of these resilient individuals in our lives/by our side. However, day to day, their sacrifices tend to go unnoticed. Please spare a moment to reflect and express our gratitude towards those whom we can never thank in person and those whose stories can still be recounted today.

Please join us at the Black April Commemoration – Vietnamese Remembrance Day on Friday, 30th April 2021.

The two-part Memorial includes:

Part 1:
Time:            Ceremony begins at 11:00 am and concludes at 12:00 pm

Location:       Australian-Vietnamese War Memorial

                     Torrens Parade Ground, Victoria Drive, Adelaide SA 5000

Theme:         Australian – Vietnamese Military Procession and Wreath tributes

Part 2:
Time:            Commemoration begins at 6:30pm and concludes at 8:30pm

Location:       Vietnamese Community Hall

                      62 Athol St, Athol Park SA 5012

Theme:          Video footage, theatrical play and music program specific to Memorial Day, and Candlelight Vigil

Hung Kings Commemoration
18 Apr 2021

Hung Kings Commemoration 2021

Celebrated on the 10th day of the third Lunar month, Hung Kings Commemoration Day is oriented around the themes of filial piety, ancestor worship, and patriotism to honor the Hung Kings – founders of Vietnam. For many people, this holiday is a national joyous occasion that embraces meaningful traditional Vietnamese culture and values.

Please join us at the time and place below to show our respect to our founding fathers:

  • Time: 2pm Sunday, 18/4/2021
               7 th of March,  Year of the Buffalo
  • Place: Vietnamese Community Centre
                62 Athol St, Athol Park

Management Committee

Public Meeting
11 Apr 2021


The Management Committee (MC) of the Vietnamese Community in Australia / SA warmly invites you to our quarterly Public Meeting to be held at:

  • Time:        2:00pm to 4:00pm Sunday, 11/4/2021
  • Location:  Vietnamese Community Centre
                      62 Athol St, Athol Park

In this meeting, the MC will report the progress over the last three months . This is also an opportunity for you to provide feedback as well as a Questions & Answers (Q&A) session.

Please note that, in accordance with the SA Government’s official directives on COVID-19, please check in using the QR code displayed on the doors.

We would love to see you as this is a proper environment to collaborate to make our community stable and strong. However, if you cannot attend, all queries can be sent to the MC via postal mail at the above address or email to

Very respectful

Management Committee

Australia Day
26 Jan 2021

Due to COVID-19, Australia Day 2021 will be celebrated differently. This year, there will be no parade but instead a number of smaller events will take place at various locations in the city. Further news and information can be found on the Australia Day Council of SA’s website and Facebook page.

The Vietnamese Community in Australia / SA Chapter (VCA/SA) will participate in cooking presentation at Central Market, the Cultural và Modern Dance team from the Vietnamese Community School will show case their moves in Rundle Mall while a dance group will represent VCA/SA in a variety show at the Entertainment Centre.

VCA/SA has received funding from the National Australia Day Council to join the celebration of Australia Day, and will use it for two purposes:

1. Deliver free meals our emergency services personnel in SA to show our gratitude for their sacrifice in protecting us from disasters such as flood, bush fire and COVID-19. This is also to show our appreciation of Australia’s help and acceptance of Vietnamese refugees over the last 40 years.

2. Host a community event to celebrate Australia Day with free sausage sizzles, potatoes on a stick and bubble teas! There will also be live music, face painting and mini games for children to play with fun prizes to win.

Date/time: 1 pm – 4 pm, Tuesday 26 January 2021
Location: Vietnamese Community Centre
62 Athol St, Athol Park SA 5012

Due to COVID-19 restrictions on the number of participants, there will be two sessions. Each session can only accommodate 200 participants. Registration is open until Saturday 24 January 2021 and is available at the following link:

To obtain updated information, please visit our website or Facebook page, or contact Miss Phung Ho via 0423 444 043 or

Stand with Hong Kong
24 Oct 2020

Dear Community and Human Rights Leaders,

On 23rd August the Chinese authorities arrested a group of Hong Kong pro-democracy activists after intercepting their boat heading towards Taiwan. They have been detained in the mainland city of Shenzhen for over 50 days without access to the legal representation organised by their families.

The 12 young people from Hong Kong, aged from 16-29, were fleeing Hong Kong as a result of the draconian National Security Law, which was enforced by Beijing on Hong Kong, and on the rest of the world, in July this year, with an aim to imprison dissidents, undermine judicial independence, prohibit the pursuit of free speech and democracy, and worse still, to extradite suspected offenders to Mainland China for illegal detention.

In response to the global call to action by the ’12 Hongkongers Concern Group’, along with other supporting groups in Australia and across the globe, Adelaide – Stand with Hong Kong will be holding an assembly in solidarity with the 12 Hongkongers detained and their loved ones:

Time: 2pm to 4pm
Date: Saturday, 24 Oct 2020
Location: Rundle Mall, Adelaide

From past experience, we knew that global support and attention is crucial and vital to safeguard the wellbeing of the 12 young people, and fight for the earliest result. Thus, the 12 Hongkongers Concern Group will be hosting an assembly on the 25th October, 8pm Hong Kong time, to call for the HK government to be held fully responsible for betraying the 12 Hong Kongers, to stand in solidarity with the 12’s relatives, and demand immediate release of the 12 back to Hong Kong. Our Adelaide rally on the 24th Oct will form part of the film to be played during the 25th Oct assembly in Hong Kong.
I hope you could come along with flags that represent your country and slogans to help condemn the CCP’s crimes against humanity.

Please kindly forward this email to your community members and friends who support peace, democracy, and human rights.

In solidarity,

Fiona Hui

Help Stop Uyghur Forced Labour

Dear Community Leader,

Australian Government must ban the importation of products from Xinjiang and other parts of China that are produced in whole or part by forced labour.

The systematic oppression of the Uyghur people by the Chinese Government is undeniable, and the exploitation of detained Uyghurs as a captive labour force is clear. More than one million people have been rounded up and put in massive internment camps across Xinjiang. Mass surveillance, restrictions on free movement, and widespread persecution of the Uyghur people have been confirmed beyond doubt.

We must take a strong stand against the well documented abuse of hundreds of thousands of Uyghur people in Xinjiang. It would be a human rights disgrace if Australia, under our free trade agreement with China, turned a blind eye to profiteering from what amounts to slave labour.

Please take a minute to stand up for freedom, democracy and human rights and sign this petition.

Please CLICK HERE and share the petition with all of your friends, family and colleagues. The more signatures we get, the more chance we can achieve real change.

For more information related to Uyghur forced labour, please refer to the following link.

Kind Regards,

Halimah Valiyff

Public Officer

Australian Tangritagh Women’s Association

Ph: +61 8 8362 3377  Fax: +61 8 8362 6922

Mobile: +61 433 406 848

Registered Office

69 Portrush Rd

Payneham SA  5070

“Your support is invaluable to make the voice of voiceless heard…….”

Annual General Meeting
9 Oct 2020


The Management Committee cordially invite you to attend our Annual General Meeting to be held at:

  • VCA/SA Community Centre
    62 Athol St, Athol Park
  • on Friday, 9/10/2020 at 4:30pm 

Due to the presence of funding bodies, the AGM needs to be held during working hours.

At the AGM, the Management Committee will report last year’s activities, financial status, details and auditor’s report. Members will have the opportunity to comment and/or suggest ideas on how we can improve services to our community.

To provide opportunities for those who cannot attend in person due to distance or COVID-19 concerns, the Management Committee will be live streaming the meeting on VCA/SA Facebook page. You can also comment or ask questions during the Q&A segment.


If you have “Liked” our Facebook page then you will receive the notification when live streaming commences.

There will be light refreshments post-meeting for members to mingle (while keeping social distancing) with government and funding bodies’ representatives.

2019 AGM Minutes

2020 AGM Notice

2020 AGM Agenda

2020 Annual Report

2020 Audited Financial Statements

2020 AGM Minutes

We hope to see you all.

VCA/SA Management Committee

Adelaide Tet Festival 2020
1 & 2 Jan 2020

Celebrated in Vietnam and other parts of Asia, “Tết Nguyên Đán”, otherwise known as “Tết”, is a traditional Vietnamese festival that honours the dawning of the Lunar New Year. The Adelaide Tết Festival will be held at Bonython Park – Adelaide, on Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 February 2020 and will seek to capture the happiness and spirit of the New Year by creating fun, happy memories, and celebrating Vietnamese culture and traditions.

The Adelaide Tết Festival is an annual event that enables Vietnamese South Australians to celebrate and share our traditional Lunar New Year custom that is rich in both cultural and spiritual values within the Vietnamese and broader Adelaide communities.
The Adelaide Tết Festival 2020 will involve a variety of activities that will bring together patrons from communities around our state of South Australia, interstate and overseas. The Festival will play host to many fun family activities, including sideshow games and rides, engage local businesses and food vendors to share their products and secret recipes, and facilitate a concert that will showcase multicultural performances from ethnic community groups, and traditional Vietnamese art and culture through song, dance and artistic expression.

This year we have upsized everything, including a larger, more centralised venue to accommodate more performances, more sideshow entertainment, more rides and amusements, and more deliciously authentic Vietnamese food options, for more patrons. This carefully considered approach is as a direct result of public consultation and our desire to share the most significant cultural celebration on our annual calendar with the South Australian public.

NSW & QLD Bush Fires Fundraising Event
24 Nov 2019

Dear Community Members,

The wild bush fires of NSW and QLD are still turbulent with conditions worsening. The tragedy has claimed 4 lives and scorched countless numbers of homes.

To show our love, appreciation and utmost gratitude to this country that opened her arms to accept tens of thousands of Vietnamese refugees in our darkest hours, we encourage you to dig deep to help bush fire victims.

A fundraising event has been organised with the following details:

  • Thời gian: 4pm – 6pm Sunday, 24/11/2019
  • Địa điểm:  Vietnamese Community Centre
                     62 Athol Street, Athol Park SA 5012

For every dollar donated to the Australian Red Cross between now and 29.12.2019, VCA/SA will to match dollar for dollar (up to $10 000.00 AUD). This means you can help the cause be twice as effective!

Here are ways you can donate:

  1. Visit
  2. Providing cash at our CASSA office during business hours
  3. Attending our fundraising event

We hope we can count on you to spread the word so that we can all support this significant cause.