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Help Stop Uyghur Forced Labour

Dear Community Leader, Australian Government must ban the importation of products from Xinjiang and other parts of China that are produced in whole or part by forced labour. The systematic oppression of the Uyghur people by the Chinese Government is undeniable, and the exploitation of detained Uyghurs as a captive labour force is clear. More […]

Annual General Meeting
9 Oct 2020

NOTICE OF THE ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING The Management Committee cordially invite you to attend our Annual General Meeting to be held at: VCA/SA Community Centre 62 Athol St, Athol Park on Friday, 9/10/2020 at 4:30pm  Due to the presence of funding bodies, the AGM needs to be held during working hours. At the AGM, the […]

Paid Market Research
Intuito Pty Ltd

Intuito Market Research, based in Norwood, is currently looking for people originally from overseas but now call South Australia home with young families to participate in a paid focus group discussion. They need to be currently renting but planning to one day buy a home in South Australia. The discussion will be held later this […]

Public Meeting
12 Jul 2020

PUBLIC MEETING The Management Committee (MC) of the Vietnamese Community in Australia / SA warmly invites you to our quarterly Public Meeting to be held at: Time:        12:00pm to 2:30pm Sunday, 12/7/2020 Location:  Vietnamese Community Centre                   62 Athol St, Athol Park In this meeting, […]

History Books

Invaluable history books (free electronic version). Please download for your reading or your children/grandchildren’s education. Đại Việt Sử Ký Toàn Thư Đại Việt Thông Sử Into the Maelstrom Khâm Định Việt Sử Thông Giám Cương Mục Lam Sơn Thực Lục Quốc Triều Chánh Biên Toát Yếu Việt Nam Sử Lược Việt Nam Tiêu Án Việt […]

Jobs in SA

To recover the South Austrlian economy post COVID-19 pandemic, the State Government currently has hundreds of jobs and training courses in many industries and categories. 1- SIMEC Energy Australia is currently building solar farms in Whyalla and needs 750 staff in all categories. https://www.simecenergy.com.au/en-au/projects/cultana-solar-farm/help-us-build-cultana/?fbclid=IwAR35DkCGbS-ibdaCnX5B-Jwe0YDoqO6dBrAimIY-LUyZ3BM_o9HfAb8ZlOg 2- PEER Training Program. 8 weeks duration with hands on practice […]