How To Keep Your Community Safe During A Mobile Or Internet Outage

Keep your community safe !

Do you and your community know how you would communicate if mobile phones or internet services aren’t working in a natural disaster?

Mobile and internet services keep us connected but they may not be available in a natural disaster. It is important to have backup options.

We’ve developed a supporter kit to help get the message out about being prepared for a telecommunications outage during a natural disaster, and we’d love your help to raise community awareness about this important topic.

The kit contains a range of materials such as videos, flyers, social tiles, and posters with information on the simple steps your community can take to prepare. These materials are available to download in English and 10 other languages from the kit at the link below.

Download supporter kit

How you can help

As a trusted member of the community, we’d appreciate you sharing the materials through your networks both now and if a natural disaster or emergency situation is expected.

Spread the word and help your community get ready before an emergency.

For more information, visit or email the Telecommunications Resilience team via

Thank you,
CultureVerse on behalf of the Australian Government