Full Moon Festival 2019
28 Sep 2019


Come along to this year’s Full Moon Festival and join us on the ‘Moon Walk’!

Follow the Moon Walk map to find select stalls and activities, and receive special offers and complimentary goodies up to the value of $26 along the way.

Tickets are only $10 each and can be purchased on the event day from the star ticket booth. We look forward to taking you on our Moon Walk adventure at this year’s Full Moon Festival!


  1. Purchase a Moon Walk ticket from the star ticket booth and receive a yellow wrist band, stamp sheet and map.
  2. Using your map, find all Moon Walk stalls and activities and get your stamp sheet checked off by each stallholder. In return, you will receive a special offer or complimentary treat from each stall you visit.
  3. Upon completion of the Moon Walk, receive a ‘Full Moon Combo’, consisting of a serve of popcorn, fairy floss and a drink, to celebrate the completion of your journey.

Organising Committee