Vietnamese-Australian Casting Call New Feature Film By Khoa Do

Vietnamese-Australian Casting Call New Feature Film By Khoa Do

Mullinars Casting Consultants are currently casting Khoa Do’s feature film, “Farewell to Old England” and would like to ask you if there are any families at your school who might be interested in the opportunity for their children to audition for our two juvenile lead roles in this lovely film?

Fingers crossed we find some young “stars”  from the Vietnamese Community in SA.


Mullinars Casting is Australia’s leading casting consultancy, we have been casting film and television in Australia for over forty years, our work includes popular series such as Home and Away, Mustangs FC, Stateless, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries and Wentworth. Our feature film projects include The Matrix series, Lord of The Rings, Storm Boy, Oddball and Here Out West


1988. Ten years after arriving in Australia as Vietnamese refugees, the Tran family relocates from the city to the country after their work sewing garments dries up. The experience proves testing for 10-year-old Kim and her older brother Luc when the family tries to recreate their old lives here in Australia. Their challenges compound with the arrival of their off-beat grandmother, increasing conflicts with their Aussie neighbours and the emergence of natural threats from the land. The children and their family must find a way to survive and thrive in their new home.


KIM (F) Age 8 – 12

Kim arrived in Australia as a baby, so she’s comfortable with both her Vietnamese origins and Australian upbringing. She loves acting and performing and there’s a mischievous, rebellious streak in her. But she’s wise for her age, she’s realistic and wants to help her family learn more about the place they’re in.

LUC (M) Age 10 – 13

Luc arrived in Australia from Vietnam as a toddler. He is an optimist who really wants to fit into life here. Not as sensible as his sister, he’s much more of a dreamer. He wishes that others would see him as more Australian than Vietnamese. He loves skateboarding. He comes up with crazy plans that he thinks he could pull off but never really could. He has a naive view of the world, and others find him quite funny.

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