Fund My Neighbourhood Program

Thanks to a program called Fund My Neighbourhood last year from the Department of the Premier and Cabinet (Government of South Australia), community members have seen a markedly improved lighting and sound system at the Community Hall of the Vietnamese Community in Australia / SA Chapter.

Since installation, the new sound system coupled with acoustic treatment panels, and the new lighting system operated through a control panel or by a portable tablet have been enjoying by approximately 5,000 members with culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. The availability of this modern facility has had the local area excited.

Bookings for parties, weddings, concerts and fashion parade each of which attracted hundreds of attendees have increased substantially. Cultural events such as The Hung King’s Commemoration and Ethnic School performances have already experienced the benefits of the program whereas the upcoming Full Moon Festival will certainly take full advantages of the available technologies in the Hall.

In addition, block-out curtains have also been installed to provide complete darkness when required for performances and/or screening films, and to prevent heat transfer from both directions. This has resulted in reduced costs of heating in winter and cooling in hot days.

Overall, the Fund My Neighbourhood initiative has increased the profile of the state electoral district of Cheltenham. This will not only provide benefits and options for community members but may also attract more businesses to the local area.

Full Moon Festival 2019
28 Sep 2019


Come along to this year’s Full Moon Festival and join us on the ‘Moon Walk’!

Follow the Moon Walk map to find select stalls and activities, and receive special offers and complimentary goodies up to the value of $26 along the way.

Tickets are only $10 each and can be purchased on the event day from the star ticket booth. We look forward to taking you on our Moon Walk adventure at this year’s Full Moon Festival!


  1. Purchase a Moon Walk ticket from the star ticket booth and receive a yellow wrist band, stamp sheet and map.
  2. Using your map, find all Moon Walk stalls and activities and get your stamp sheet checked off by each stallholder. In return, you will receive a special offer or complimentary treat from each stall you visit.
  3. Upon completion of the Moon Walk, receive a ‘Full Moon Combo’, consisting of a serve of popcorn, fairy floss and a drink, to celebrate the completion of your journey.

Organising Committee

Annual General Meeting
4 Oct 2019



The Management Committee cordially invite you to attend our Annual General Meeting to be held at:

  • VCA/SA Community Centre
    62 Athol St, Athol Park
  • on Friday, 4/10/2019 at 4:30pm 

Due to the presence of funding bodies, the AGM needs to be held during working hours.

At the AGM, the Management Committee will report last year’s activities, financial status, details and auditor’s report. Members will have the opportunity to comment and/or suggest ideas on how we can improve services to our community.

There will be light refreshments post-meeting for members to mingle with government and funding bodies’ representatives.

2019 AGM Notice

2019 AGM Agenda

2019 Annual Report

We hope to see you all.

VCA/SA Management Committee

Management Committee Election
9 Nov 2019